Christmas 2012
This year's message Malachi and Jessica Geoff and Alison - Cardiff to Gower Jessica and Malachi - Brazil Alison, Emily and Geoff - Gower to Cardiff Geoff and Alison - on the Severn Bridge Alison - Lands End Jessica and Malachi with a piranha - on the Amazon Geoff and Alison - on their alltoment Malachi at one with new Christmas present Geoff and Alison - Richmond Park Emily - Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Jimmy, Emily and Geoff - Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Emily, Alison and Jimmy - Gower Geoff and Malachi - at the allotment Geoff, Jimmy and Alison - camping top of Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Alison, Emily, Jimmy and Malachi - at home for Christmas 2011