Christmas 2013
This year's message Malachi and Alison Shirley, Chris and Geoff - Hitchcopose Ioana Jacqueline Soord - The Tree Alison and Emily - Cardiff Emily - Radley village park The Headland Hartlepool Emily and Alison - St Donat's Geoff, Jimmy and Geoff - St Donat's Alison and Geoff - Paris Alison - Giants Causeway Alison - One World Scout Camp, Thame Malachi, Alison, Jimmy and Emily - Home for Malachi\'s birthday Megan, Malachi and Alastair - Radley village park Geoff - Aqua Camp Culham Bridge near Abingdon Jimmy, Nathan, Alison, Natalie, Emily, Carla and Richard - Garth, Wales