Christmas 2014
This year's message Beatrice, Alison and Geoff - Berlin Malachi - - Spreeaue, Cottbus Malachi, Beatrice and Alison - Spreeaue, Cottbus Alison and Eileen - Sawbridgeworth Jimmy and Emily - Houston The Headland Hartlepool Geoff and Malachi - Alawenburg Raddusch near Cottbus Malachi, Beatrice and Geoff - Spreeaue, Cottbus Jimmy, Alison, Geoff and Emily - Jamaica Beatrice and Malachi - East Side Gallery, Berlin Emily, Carson, Natalie, Nathan and Jared - Scotchies Drax Hall, Saint Ann\'s Bay, Jamaica Emily and Jimmy - Jamaica Alison - Aqua Camp Jimmy, Emily, Richard, Alison, Geoff and Donna - Tranquility Villa, Jamaica Jimmy and Emily - Houston Alison and Geoff - Tranquility Villa, Jamaica Geoff and Alison - Scotchies Drax Hall, Saint Ann\'s Bay, Jamaica Alison and Geoff - Blue Lagoon, Jamaica